This plugin provide ability to provide discount for selected customer to defined products for Shopware CMS

You can set a per-user price for any product, this price will only be available to this user!

– You can set price for defined product for any customer. Customer will see this price in cart.
– Count of price-per user is unlimited.
– If customer have his own price for product - other discounts will not be applied to this product.

— Taxes can be different for user groups and locations, so in backend you set clean price, then shopware will add all taxes separately.
— When you assign product for discrount - plugin automatically assign all variations of this product with same price.

Mode setting:
You can select what way will work plugin - discount mode or price service.
– Price service mode: Customer can see your price in front-end and you will see discounted price by import.
– Discount mode: Customer will see discount for each product in checkout.

Cheapest price setting:
– Apply graduated/group price in case this price lower then Personal Discount Price.
– Always apply only personal discounted price.

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